Burness Digital

At Burness, we believe stories or data alone cannot generate positive social change. But when combined, stories that explain how an idea worked, and data that show why the information matters, can spark the kind of change that transforms communities and improves the human condition.

Our art and digital teams dive into projects to uncover stories, understand your data, and develop the strong message that will resonate with the people who need to be reached. Then, our experienced designers, videographers, and developers bring this message to life with videos, infographics, dynamic websites, and publications filled with strong photography and visuals.

Everything we design, shoot, and build is integrated with an overall communications strategy in mind, which means that when the creative products are complete, we’re just getting started. Our team manages social media campaigns, reaches out to influential blogs, handles online ads, and ensures that your message reaches the most important audiences and motivates them to act.

Explore the Burness Portfolio to see examples of how we’re helping our nonprofit partners tell their stories to the world.

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